2020年3月11日 株式会社総商

9 years have passed in the blink of an eye. As we share our empathy with those affected by the disaster, we would also like to express our condolences for each and every victim who lost their lives.

Since the March 11 disaster, it has been our lifework to hold disaster prevention drills on an annual basis. That unfortunately has been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus. We cannot forget the lessons learned as the trainings from disaster prevention drills every year can someday save our lives. We are determined to resume holding such drills next year in an unwavering and fun way for everyone.

Humans are a forgetful creature. Even when told not to hoard items, we end up doing it. We ignore the importance of stocking up in our everyday lives but now that the coronavirus is spreading, more families are expected to start stocking up masks and toilet papers.

By donating these items to people who need them the most when they need them the most can help save others. It is our wish to continue building our knowledge and also supplies. As long as we can save one more life, we believe it is reason enough to go through the trouble.

With that, we shall continue performing activities that stay true to our motto of protecting lives and we wish for your support.

March 11, 2020
Soushow Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and CEO Aoki Hideyasu